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Founded 33 years ago, EPITA is an engineering school that trains men and women who design and create the digital world of today and tomorrow. At the cutting edge of innovation in terms of content and education, the school is permanently adapting its approach to company needs in a constantly changing sector.
Thanks to its high quality level of teaching, research laboratories and 6,800 dynamic graduates working in over 2,000 companies and startups, EPITA has earned a reputation for excellence in both France and abroad.
EPITA has garnered recognition in the IT security sector. Many CISO and ISD from some of the largest companies and administrative institutions have been trained through its main program – “Systems, Networks and Security”. EPITA’s systems and security laboratory (LSE) is involved in multiple partnerships with institutions specialized in the same field.
Cyber security is not only about implementation with tools. The training of all contributors is essential. EPITA, referent school, provides its response with SecureSphere by EPITA created in 2014.
Its continuing education program in cyber security ranges from fundamentals to expert training. In order to foster the skills of a larger number of learners, SecureSphere has designed fully digital modules, in addition to face-to-face training. These modules are available on the educational platform IONISx.
The Steering and Program Committee for Security, composed of professionals from critical infrastructure sectors and of institutional and academic experts, helps SecureSphere designing its programs that are validated in collaboration with the Security Agency ANSSI.