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Maria Jose Erquiaga

My research experience has been mostly focused on studying the behavior of malware in the network. In particular, the behavior of large botnets in real networks. I researched and worked capturing large quantities of malware traffic for long period of times (available to download) , analyzing the attacks manually and investigating the decisions taken by malware. In my first research experience, I’ve analyzed a group of features for botnet detection in order to find network anomalies. Later, I worked as a collaborator in the Stratosphere project, directed by Sebastián García. This work allowed me to work with the IDS Stratosphere and learn about DGA (Domain Generation Algorithms). Presently, I’m working on the Nomad project, directed by Sebastián García. My main tasks consists in looking for malware using HTTPs, execute that malware in the CVUT laboratory, monitoring it and analyze its actions.